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Learning to code is not easy! If it was we would all be developers making good money working for Netflix and have UNLIMITED vacation days. While learning to code is not easy it can be made easier. This coding bootcamp attempts to do just that! I have decided to help career changers think and learn like a developer. This is my version of a book on 'how to become a developer'. And guess what? It's interactive!

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In-Demand Full-Stack Web Development Curriculum

You will not only learn how to create web applications like a simple social network site but you will learn it with the technologies and tech stacks that employers want! There are no books, slides or a rigid curriculum. Instead you will learn the way most developers learn...the web!

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Qualified Instructor

Hi I am Avan. I a software developer, coding tutor, mentor and teacher. I have a computer science degree, went through a paid coding bootcamp and worked as a Java developer for about 2 years. I consider myself a senior entry-level developer. I am also an amateur Fifa player.

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Get Job Ready

We code to impress. You will create portfolio ready items that you can show off to employers. I will even offer a free monthly career meeting to go over your resume, GitHub (a locker for your code), online presence etc.

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No woman will be left behind. The coding bootcamp is meant for people who have never coded before and based on the philosohphy that we are only as strong as our 'weakest' link.

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Web Developer Job Statistics

Job prospects for web developers should continue to be favorable through to 2024 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There were 148,500 positions in 2014. This figure should grow by 27% by 2024 to about 188,000 positions. This growth rate is higher than other computer occupations, which is 12%. And when looking at all jobs across the U.S., the figure is only 7%. All of this considered, it is very lucrative to be a web developer.

The Coding Bootcamp

Application Process

The process is incredibly simple.

Coding Bootcamp Overview

Coding bootcamps are sort like podcasts. In the sense that there seems to be a google amount of them! And just like with podcasts, some are 'better' than others. So how do you pick which one to choose? I personally like a bootcamp that helps you achieve your most important goal. For most that is getting hired as a developer! That is why I recommend General Assembly as a coding bootcamp. They are just great! They have built a huge network of employers that hire from them. That in itself is worth the $10,000+ you pay them in my opinion. However $10k and attending a bootcamp full-time does not work for some people. This is where my bootcamp comes in. You can learn in-demand web-development skills for well...nothing and you can attend it part-time. So instead of having to commit 50+ a week you can get away with just 20 hours a week.

Additionally, this bootcamp is nothing like any other bootcamp or coding class out there. It feels more like a one-on-one tutoring session than a class. It's very personal, the small co-hort size helps with that, and most teaching is just practical rather than theoretical. I apply a do first learn later approach. There are no slides or books, just a coder (me), google, W3 Schools and the best amongst the rest of web. You will learn how to develop software, web-sites and web-apps the way most awesome developers have done it before you...using the best of the web.

You will be a better developer than most self learners and other bootcamp students but only under condition: you are commited to this and truly want to become a great developer!

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Upcoming Coding Bootcamp Dates

The next Co-Hort starts January 5th, 2021! Don't miss out.

Each Bootcamp is 9-16 Weeks Long (Goal is 12 Weeks)

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Friday May 1st, 2020

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Tuesday September 15, 2020



How do you make money? How is it free?

Making money through this bootcamp is not the primary focus. My main goal is to teach well and to help others land a web development job upon completion. This goal might change in the future but for now it's your gain! Additionally, keep in mind that the sessions might be live streamed on Twitch for the people that did not get accepted into the program. A small revenue stream could be generated from live streaming.

Is this an online or on-site bootcamp?

This is a 100% online bootcamp. No in-person attendance will be required.

Do you use pre-recorded lectures to teach?

Absolutley not. If that was the case there would be little difference between this program and any online web-development course.

It's important that this bootcamp sticks to live sessions.

What is the time Commitment?

This bootcamp like the name suggests is demanding and will require a major time commitment. Do not apply if you cannot put in the time! There will be daily (Monday-Friday) two hour live sessions. However you are expected to put in at two addidtional hours per day on your own. Obviously, the more time you put in the better results you can expect coming out of this bootcamp.

Is there a pass or fail?

There is no pass or fail per se. However I am afraid you won't be able to continue the program if you don't attend at least 80% of the live sessions on time or don't complete at least 80% of the course work.

What exactly will I be learning?

We will go over the follwong topics:

  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Git/Github
  • ES6/Modules/Webpack
  • Asynchronicity
  • React.js
  • Backend as a Service (BaaS)
  • Node.js / Express
  • Mongo DB
  • Bootstrap
However, no guarantees can be made that we will stick to all of these topics.

How did previous classes go? Did people like it?

Previous classes went relatively well. Some people dropped out early because they didn't realize how time demanding this bootcamp truly is. Don't make the same mistake. This coding bootcamp will take up a big chunk of your time! Also, I recommend checking out a preview of the bootcamp before you apply! Coding Bootcamp Preview

I am in India can I apply?

I am afraid at this point the coding bootcamp is only available in the U.S. and Canada. Sorry.

The Curriculum